Since 2003, when the AJGA instituted its POP policy, the association has been on the cutting edge of the pace of play problem. The AJGA was one of the first organizations to utilize timing stations and was highly criticized for doing so. Today, numerous pace of play programs from other golf organizations use timing stations. While it is in the spirit of the game to honor tradition and history, the major issues of slow play remain. The AJGA Pace of Play program sponsored by Leupold® has set a precedent in addressing this problem and has become an innovator in the golf industry.

Setting the Pace: The survey says...

The AJGA looks at the results of a survey distributed in 2011 after the AJGA implemented its new pace of play program and ...

Setting the Pace: Importance of pace of play

Find out why the AJGA feels so strongly about Pace of Play why its such an important concept in the golfing industry.

Setting the Pace: Rarity of the double red card

The AJGA looks at the process of issuing a Double Red card and how rare receiving one on the course really is.

Setting the Pace: play ready, be ready

The AJGA looks at what it means to play ready golf and how effective this guideline can be to keep your group on green card.

Setting the Pace: Why should I walk ahead

by AJGA | The AJGA discusses the guideline of walking ahead to the next tee and how much time it really saves.

Setting the Pace: Walk with a purpose

by AJGA | The AJGA looks at the time between shots and how juniors should proceed from shot to shot.

Setting the Pace: Role of a rules official

by AJGA | The AJGA explains the role of a rules official and addresses some misconceptions surrounding rules officials and red cards.

Setting the Pace: How to play on red card

by AJGA | There are a number of strategies to employ if your group goes on a red card. Learn about some of the best practices to get ...

Setting the Pace: Position on the golf course

by AJGA | A group's position on the golf course is the final test of their pace of play. Find out why you should look to the group ...

Setting the Pace: I just received a red card

by AJGA | What should a group do when after receiving a warning red card.

Setting the Pace: Tips to stay green

by AJGA | Some tips to provide readers with the necessary tools to stay on green card during an AJGA tournament round.

Setting the Pace: The basics

by AJGA | These basics will help parents and players gain a general understanding of the AJGA's pace of play policy and learn how a ...

Setting the Pace: AJGA time par

by AJGA | What exactly is a time par in the AJGA Pace of Play Policy? Find out more in this POP article.


AJGA 'U' Faculty

Gary Gilchrist

For more than two decades, the Gilchrist philosophy has helped produce remarkable results and dozens of highly successful amateur and professional golfers.

ANNIKA Academy

The greatest female golfer of our generation. During her 15 year Hall of Fame career, she rewrote the LPGA and Ladies European Tour record books.

Wells Fargo

Our vision at Wells Fargo: We want to satisfy all our customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially.

Greg Rose

Specializes in 3-D biomechanics, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation and therapeutic exercises as they relate to golf.

John Brooks

Former Head Golf Coach at the University of North Florida from 1990-2003 and founder of Red Numbers Golf.

Ted Gleason

Former Head Golf Coach at both the University of Southern California and Southern Methodist University with seven years of coaching experience at the Division I level.

Nicky Goetze

College golf advisor, specializing in providing expert guidance to junior golfers and parents as they pursue the college game.

Chad Cook

President of Players Performance Institute and Director of Performance at Golf Club of Georgia Performance Institute.

Jeff Troesch

Internationally recognized expert in the field of mental skills training and performance enhancement.

Dr. Morris Pickens

Sports Psychologist and Performance Specialist at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center.

Mark Wishner

Founder of Sun SafeTee®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Matt Cuccaro

Player development coach for Telos Sport Psychology Coaching.

Adam Naylor

Director of Telos Sport Psychology Coaching

True Temper

True Temper Sports is the leader in golf shaft technology and has been the number one shaft on the PGA Tour for more than 70 years.

Ryan Herrington

Ryan Herrington, Deputy Editor of, joined Golf Digest Publications in 1995. Before joining Golf World's staff on a full time basis as Associate Editor, he served as an Associate Editor and then Features Editor for Golf Shop Operations from 1995 to 2000. In January 2004, he was named Senior Writer. After spending 10 years as a Senior Writer, Herrington was promoted to the Deputy Editor of in 2014.

Josh McCumber

The SchollyGuide is a forward thinking strategy to tackle the recruiting process. Our program focuses on networking, building relationships and interviewing effectively.

Ross Greenstein

Scholarship For Athletes is the premier consulting company for student-athletes and their families. We educate student athletes and their families about the recruiting process, making sure that the athletes end up at the best school for them on and off the field of play.

Rich Brazeau

College Golf Advisor with Second Nine consulting and former Assistant Golf Coach at Seton Hall University and the United States Military Academy.